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The road to fluency is a climb to the top.
Learning to read and spell starts with one tiny step.
Tiny steps add up to big results and this breeds success.
High quality, engaging instruction and resources supported by research.

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Clare Wood teaching about Phonics outdoor


Welcome To The Literacy Hill

Clare Wood – Creator of literacy resources and engaging learning sessions. A site dedicated to helping you design the most effective route to fluency through research-supported practice. Literacy learning is a hill to climb, but it can feel like a mountain with the wrong instruction or no intervention. It is a journey that starts with one tiny step, and I'm here to help you make the right one.

Literacy Clinic

Services I Offer
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Interactive sessions for busy parents full of tools and activities that you can take home to support your children on their literacy journey.

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Engaging research-supported instruction for preschool and school-aged children. Effective, structured sessions to support children with gaps in their literacy skills.

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Here to help you bridge the gap from research to practice. Upskill your teachers with training and mentoring.


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Learning to read meterials by the literacy hill
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